Pattern Library

A practical approach to streamlining workflows
and coding processes across teams.

Project Overview

Inspiration for this project started with a simple request for the CSS files on my current project. The file I was given included over 10,000 lines of uncommented code. Each of the 40 developers on the team had contributed their own code to a single css file. While it may be easy to blame the developers for creating such a chaotic coding environment, we must keep in mind that they were given little direction, time pressures, and no workflow tips.

Projects need a comprehensive start guide that establishes simple patterns and guides from the very beginning. This will prevent difficulties that occur later when a client would like to simply change the color of a button and cannot because the code is too chaotic and disorganized. A pattern library would link all colors, styles, and type to one sheet that would allow developers to change application wide styles in one line of code.