Hello, I’m Kristi,
a product designer.

I was born an Okie, who learned art and humor from my family. At school, I studied art and music before heading to the great west for the first time.

Since leaving my home in 2005, I have worked to bring together cross-functional teams and communities both in the US and globally. Facilitated workshops for top executives in billion dollar industries that found meaningful business strategies for short and long term goals. Successfully led multi-million dollar projects from business planning to their agile lifecycle. Worked with several industries including government, education, banking, and retail. I have also lived in South Korea, traveled to 15 countries, 4 continents, and plan on going to Patagonia next.

I am interested in solving problems and finding solutions that simplify product journeys. I have had the pleasure of helping my clients reduce bandwidth by automating processes, adding data points, and bringing outside journey touch-points into single systems. This has reduced workload from 30-70 percent for systems that have hundreds of thousands of employees. It has increased visibility into future business insights and created new pathways to bring in more clients.

Currently, I am living in Denver working as a Product Designer for CGI. I am also volunteering for AIGA, STEM, and BMA because my passion is to increase DEI across Colorado design and art communities. I also volunteer for Front Range Pika as a citizen scientist to help conserve the alpine ecosystem in Colorado in the face of our current climate crisis.

Financial System

Product Designer

Lead UX/UI Designer working across teams and systems at a very large bank. Brought clients and workflows together through a series of workshops. Helped develop business strategies, User Experience documents, User Interfaces, Prototypes, and a Boostrap file for development team.

The engagement brought together key Business Experts, Subject Matter experts, Technology Experts, and Design Experts to craft a vision for the banking platform.

Educational Mobile App

Product Designer

Lead UX/UI Designer working with multifunctional team members. Helped guide team to meet deliverables and increase communication. Established best practices, better workflows, and addressed pain points.

Our objectives for this project were to capture MVP for the application's vision and requirements, reorganize and revisit how we work together as a team, strategize user research and missing components, and align timelines with expectations. I led the discussion with the development team on how to work together and best practices for communication between teams. I was able to prioritize their needs, misunderstandings, set up better communication channels, and future expectations. We also identified potential future pain points and how we should work together and address them as a team.

Puerto Rico Disaster Recovery Website

Product Designer

UX/UI Designer and Researcher working with other designers to build a website that will create a more transparent view into the funding of the recovery of Puerto Rico after the impact of hurricanes Irma and Maria.

My best work to date is helping with the Puerto Rico transparency project. I didn't play a lead role on the project. My teammates asked me to help with the data. I'm really good at looking at numbers, data, and things that are difficult to understand. I helped create an infographic that clearly described how money was coming in and where it was being distributed. This has helped the government and the people of Puerto Rico trust each other more. Being able to help others including my team is what makes me love this job.

Government Application

Product Designer

Lead the project in UX/UI Design on an Agile Development team. Created a new Design Language System and UX/UI Style guide. Assisted and helped developers with CSS and UX/UI questions. Lead UX/UI team and final design decisions.

The work you see here is an example of one of the many pages of the government application I worked on. I participated in requirements and development meetings. I helped write user stories and helped edit the Business Analysts stories so that they stayed consistent with Global Stories and the UI. I also created sitemaps and high fidelity prototypes.

Interactive Kiosk

Product Designer & Developer

I taught myself how to be a UX/UI designer when I started working at Shane Co. as their Interactive Content Specialist in October 2013. I launched over 164 displays nationwide in under 3 years. This job inspired me to go back to school and really learn the principals of Interactive design. One of the projects I did there that I am most proud of is the interactive kiosk that was installed January 2017. I started the project in July of 2016.